Annie has spent her life fighting for stronger communities, and with your help, she’ll be the voice we need in Sacramento. Together, we’ll take bold action on the issues that impact our quality of life on the Peninsula— like housing, homelessness, environmental sustainability, traffic gridlock and more.


As a realtor, Annie has spent her career helping people throughout the Peninsula achieve their dream of homeownership. However, for too many Californians, that dream is no longer possible as the housing affordability crisis continues statewide. Housing costs are so high that many of our friends, family and neighbors are being forced out.

We need to build more housing by incentivizing local communities and holding them accountable. What is not okay is for Sacramento to tell our towns and cities exactly what to build – and where. That is the job of local government – and that is where it should stay.

As your next State Senator, Annie will stand up and speak out for us in Sacramento. She will fight for short– and long-term housing solutions that leverage emerging technologies, public-private partnerships and convene state and local leaders to get the job done, while keeping key decision making local.

Homelessness & Addiction

Annie knows that we are trying now isn’t working – and the result is a dramatic increase of people living on our streets. And even more shocking, a dramatic increase of people literally dying on our streets from exposure, lack of medical care, alcohol abuse and drug overdoses.

The problem of homelessness is challenging and complex. But there are solutions. In Sacramento, there is a growing movement to support a mandate that states that every person has the right to shelter and that if shelter is available to the homeless, it must be used. She will help lead that effort and make it law.

Some counties are already exploring a system called “Conservatorship” in which, with a judge’s oversight, homeless people who are a danger to themselves and others can be required to stay in drug or alcohol treatment for a reasonable period of time. She will work to expand this effort.

We know that a significant portion of the homeless population suffer from untreated mental health challenges. And beyond the homeless population, we see family after family struggling to find help and treatment for a loved one facing a mental health crisis. We need a leader in Sacramento who will prioritize mental healthcare – and Annie will be that leader.

She will work to fund more jobs for the unhoused – so people can earn their way off of the street in a dignified way. She will fight to dramatically expand drug and alcohol treatment – and, of course, she will fight for a significant increase in affordable housing.

And she’s already getting started – by calling for a Sacramento to declare a State of Emergency on Homelessness. Will you join her effort by signing her petition today?

Environmental Sustainability

Annie is a Peninsula native, and she knows that a clean and healthy environment is vital to our way of life.

She also knows the devastating impact that rising sea levels and other extreme weather events driven by climate change can have on our communities. It might seem hard to believe – but much of this district could literally be under water in 30 years unless we start acting now.

Our coastal communities and wildlife are bearing the brunt of climate change. Our homes, infrastructure and natural environment is at risk of being wiped out as important natural barriers such as coastal marshes – which filtrate our water, provide flood protection and are home to diverse wildlife – are lost to rising seas.

Annie will stand up for us and help ensure California continues to lead the effort to combat climate change.

Traffic & Transportation

For too long, traffic gridlock has been a daily struggle for communities up and down the Peninsula.

Annie has had enough of the political infighting getting in the way of the serious investment in the transit infrastructure that we need. We need to stop building trains to nowhere and start building quiet, safe, electric trains that run every few minutes up and down this Peninsula – trains that are connected at every stop to frequent buses – so we can get cars off our streets and clear our roadways.

As our next State Senator, Annie will fight every day to break this traffic gridlock.