Meet Annie


Annie Oliva is a small businesswoman, Millbrae City Councilwoman and mother of three. She’s running to unite the community around common-sense solutions to our greatest challenges — housing, homelessness and traffic gridlock.

Annie doesn’t think you should need an IPO to afford a home. She doesn’t think it should take hours and hours stuck in traffic to get to work. And as the mother of a son who was temporarily driven to homelessness by addiction, she knows we need a comprehensive approach to treat drug addiction and mental health issues if we are truly serious about ending homelessness.

As a Realtor, Annie brings a unique experience to this issue and will work to make sure our children and grandchildren can stay and raise families of their own here. She has served on the Millbrae City Council since 2013, including as Mayor. She champions improving public safety, enhancing economic development, and building more housing near transit so we don’t make traffic gridlock worse.

Annie has spent her whole life in this community. She was born and raised on the Peninsula, and her three children were born and raised here too. She and Jose, her husband of 36 years, currently live in Millbrae.

Annie is running for State Senate to speak for us and make sure Sacramento is really listening.