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When it comes to homelessness, cities and counties can no longer go it alone. It's time to declare a Statewide Emergency on Homelessness. If you agree, read my Seven-Point Plan on Homelessness, Mental Health and Substance Abuse – and sign my petition calling for a Statewide Emergency on Homelessness.

A Message From Annie

It’s time to break through the partisan gridlock and bring common sense to Sacramento.

I will stand up to the special interests who control our state government so we can make real progress on homelessness, traffic gridlock and affordable housing.

As your independent voice, I will:

Declare a state of emergency on homelessness so we can coordinate action, address untreated mental health conditions, create safe shelters and require those shelters be used;

Demand accountability in government, starting with comprehensive and regular audits of all major programs;

Create housing near existing transit, so we can make the Peninsula more affordable without making traffic worse;

Require absolute transparency in government so average citizens can start to break the power of the special interests;

Make raising taxes the last resort, not the first answer. California should collect unpaid taxes, close tax loopholes and grow our economy before asking residents to pay more in taxes.

I am a housing advocate who has fought to keep seniors and veterans in their homes. I am a local city council member who worked successfully to put housing near transit.

And I am the mother of a son who slipped into addiction and was temporarily homeless before our family could intervene – so I will approach the homeless crisis from a point of compassion, determination and the “tough love” that requires those most in need to seek treatment.

- Annie Oliva

We are committed to moving California forward, but first we have to help Annie get to Sacramento!